Grade 1

The Grade One teaching team consists of

  • Miss Caitlin Ashwood Room 19      ES – Mrs Glenda Garrad
  • Mrs Julie Moulds. Room 20      ES – Mrs Courtney Smith
  • Mrs Rosemary Westwood Room 21  
  • Miss Sam Morrison Room 22  


In Term Two the academic focus has been on:


Maths – Learning strategies for addition and subtraction, location and direction, and shape.


Maths Masters – Being able to choose learning activities that will help us learn a Master.


Reading – Check for understanding when we read and how to monitor our own reading for accuracy and meaning. Skip the word and re read.


Writing – We have been learning about how to make a great sentence by using nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. We have also been learning about narratives.


Word Work – We are learning about sound and visual strategies to spell. We have studied double letter blends and now we are learning onset and rime.


Speaking and Listening – We do much of this through our reflections and Circle Time.


Inquiry Topic – We aim to answer the questions

  • How do we find out if Australia is the best country?
  • How would a map maker describe the world?
  • What human and natural features does Australia have?
  • How are these compared with another country?
  • What do I feel about the country I live in?

Interpersonal Skills – working in groups, accepting our strengths and weaknesses


Personal Skills – setting goals and having confidence


Specialist Lessons – STEM, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, PE and ICT


Library – borrowing each week


Camps and Excursion Program: We attended the Magic Excursion in the city.


Please see one of us if you have any questions about Grade One in 2022.