Grade 1

Grade One Staff

1JA: Jacinta Abson and Nikki Teusner (Aide)
1KW: Karen Woodfine
1ZK: Zina Kadic
1CM: Cassie Manatse and Glenda Garrad (Aide)
1DF: Deb Ford

In Term Three, the Grade Ones will be focusing on:

Maths: Shape, Data (Graphing), Money and Time.

Literacy: Students will participate in a range of reading activities each day. Some of these include shared reading, small group guided reading and independent reading.

Writing: Poetry (Rhyme, Alliteration, Acrostic and Shape Poems) and Procedural Writing.

Topic: “How We Organise Ourselves” – Focus on ‘Farm to Plate’ concepts, where food comes from and buying local goods.