Grade 4


The Grade 4 teachers for 2021 include James Zygmunt, Amber Brickell and Samantha Lovegrove.

In Reading, students are focusing on developing their understanding of thinking within the text to search for and use information, self-correct, solve words, maintain fluency, and summarise. They are also working on thinking beyond the text, to use their prior knowledge and understanding of how the world works and how this connects to the text.

In Writing, students are exploring the structure and language features of a Recount, Narrative, Persuasive and Information texts. Students are learning how to plan, draft, revise, conference and publish their writing, ensuring that they are interesting to read and that they have used the 6+1 writing traits (Voice, Word choice, Sentence fluency, Idea development, Conventions and Organisation). Students are also working towards improving their handwriting and learning how to write using Victorian Modern Cursive.

In Numeracy, students are focusing on Multiplication, Division, Length, Area and Chance. Students are continuing to develop their knowledge through working on independent goals and working in focus groups. Students are also continuing to work on achieving their Maths Masters goals.

In Topic, students are developing their knowledge and understanding of the history about First Contacts and the movements of people from around the world who came to Australia. Students are also examining the European exploration and colonisation in Australia.


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