Grade 4


The Grade 4 teachers for 2019 include Kirren Whaiapu, Sam Lovegrove, Sarah Chapman, Annette Perry and Darleene Miles with Darren Dainty, Allanah Porter and Nicole Eakins as Integration Aides.

This term in Reading, we will be focusing on learning and developing our understanding of solving words within a text, making connections to self and beyond and analysing texts. As part of our Big 3 we will be exploring Main Idea, Author’s Purpose and Interpreting Information using evidence. We have developed our ability to Read to Self, Respond to Texts and identify individual reading goals as part of our Reading Block to improve our reading stamina and comprehension skills.

In Writing, we are exploring poetry. We will be learning how to plan, draft, revise, conference and publish our poems, ensuring they are interesting and that we have used the 6+1 writing traits (Voice, Word choice, Sentence fluency, Idea development, Conventions and Organisation).  We will also be improving our handwriting and learning how to write using Victorian Modern Cursive.

In Numeracy this term, we will be focusing on Fractions & Decimals, Units of Measurement & Location & Transformation. Students will develop their knowledge through working on independent goals and working in focus groups. Students are continuing to work on achieving their Maths Masters goals.

In Topic, we will be focusing on our Local Government. Students will be investigating the following essential questions; How are decisions made for the community and who makes them? What is the role of the local government and city councils? Who makes the rules and how are they implemented? and Why do we need to follow rules?


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