Grade 4

The Grade 4 teachers for 2019 include Jarryd Stirling, Sam Lovegrove, Kirren Whaiapu and Sarah Chapman with Darren Dainty, Allanah Porter and Nick Remmie as Integration Aides.

This term in Reading, we will be focusing on learning and developing our understanding of key strategies and our accuracy and fluency when reading aloud. We will be exploring Main Idea, Author’s Purpose and Interpreting Information using Evidence. We have developed our ability to Read to Self, Analyse and Respond to Text and identify individual reading goals as part of our Reading Block to improve our reading stamina and comprehension skills.

In Writing, we are exploring recounts. We will be learning how to construct a recount, ensuring it is interesting and has enough detail. Students will also be learning persuasive writing to improve their skills when experimenting with text structure and language features. We will also be improving our handwriting and learning how to write using Victorian Modern Cursive.

In Numeracy this term, we will be focusing on Number and Place Value. Students will develop their knowledge through working on independent goals and working in focus groups. Maths Masters has also begun and students are eagerly working towards achieving their Masters.

In Topic, we will be exploring the natural and human features of Australia. Students will be investigating the geographical location of capital cities and regional centres around Australia. They will also investigate how Australia can be represented on a map as states and territories and explore the oral traditions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples use to map landscapes. Furthermore, students will be identifying, describing and locating some Australian rivers, mountains, deserts, rainforests and famous landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef.

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