Grade 4

Welcome to Grade 4.


Teaching Grade 4 this year is the creative Mr. James Zygmunt (ZIG-MENT), the diligent Ms. Jacinta Abson, the composed Mr. Jake Lucas, the dedicated Mr. Chris Mahony (MAH-NEE), and the enthusiastic Anqi Xu (AN-CHI SHU).


In Reading, Grade 4 students are improving their comprehension of a range of texts through the use of different strategies. They have been learning how to make connections between the text they’re reading and the world. Students will go on to learn the difference between a fact and an opinion, and how to identify cause and effect.


In Writing, Grade 4 students are learning to write narratives. They have focused specifically on making sure their ideas are cohesive and engaging. Students will also be learning to write explanations later in the term.


In Mathematics, students have been focusing on describing chance in the real world. They are currently practising strategies in multiplication and division. Towards the end of term, students will focus on patterns and algebra and how these skills can be applied to real-world problems. 


Our topic for this term is the Natural World and how humans interact with their environment. We have been investigating how to research and present information, as well as exploring biomes, climate and land management.


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