Grade 3


In Grade 3 this year we have:


  • Stacey Gatz in room 9
  • Tayla Sbisa in room 10 with Cassy Whyte (ES)
  • Jo Peters in room 22
  • Liam Rylance in room 23
  • Joshua Turner in room 24 with Jayani Perera (ES)


Please don’t hesitate to come see any the Grade 3 teachers/staff with queries and questions, we are all very happy to answer them.


Here is look at the curriculum ahead in Term 1 2021:

In Numeracy, students are focusing on:

  • Place value
  • Multiplication
  • Time

During Numeracy lessons, students will be placed into activity groups based on their individual learning goals. These groups consist of Numeracy to myself involving independent Numeracy skills, Numeracy reading and writing based on articulation tasks, Numeracy with someone involving groups collaborating with one another and a teacher focus group.


This term in Reading we will be focusing on looking at the Main Idea of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Our mini lessons will be focusing on how to identify a Main Idea inside of a text, comparing and contrasting between two different texts, finding the author’s purpose and learning about a bank of reading strategies and skills to further push our readers.


This term in Writing we will begin with Recount writing with a focus on the structure.

Students will go through the writing process of Planning, Drafting, Revising, Self-editing, Partner editing, Teacher check and Publishing.

Towards the latter half of the term commence with Narrative writing where students will be able to give voice to their work by creating a text from scratch using ideas they have created and be inspired from within their writer’s notepads.

In Topic this term, students will explore ‘Who am I’ and what shapes a person. We will look at our identity and what forms our identity. Our beliefs, characteristics, values, physical attributes and relationships all play an important role in shaping our identity.