Grade 3


In Grade 3 this year we have:


Liam Rylance, Julie Moulds, Mandy Collard and Anne Wilson.



Welcome to Year 3 2023!


Here is look at the curriculum ahead:


In reading we will be focusing on looking at the Main Idea of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.


Our mini lessons will be focusing on how to identify a Main Idea inside of a text, comparing and contrasting between two different texts, finding the author’s purpose and learning about a bank of reading strategies and skills to further push our readers.


In writing we have been looking at Recount writing with a focus on the structure and language as well as narrative writing with a focus on the author Chris Van Alsberg.


Students will go through the writing process of planning, drafting, revising, self-editing, peer-editing, teacher conferencing and publishing.


In numeracy, students are focusing on place value, number patterns, location/transformation and time.


In topic we have been exploring our identity and will continue looking at our cultural similarities and differences.


In Library, students will borrow 5 take home books and up to 3 of their own choice books. We encourage students to read nightly and record their reading in their diaries.