Grade 3


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In Year 3 this year we have Hayley Cammerino in room 14, Matt Grimshaw in room 23, Erin Robinson in room 24, Carla Coutts in room 9 and Amber Brickell in room 10. We are excited for the year ahead with the student’s very first school camp happening in term 3.  All teachers and students are excited for the year ahead. Please don’t hesitate to come see any of our 5 year 3 teachers with queries and questions, we are all very happy to answer them.


Here is look at the curriculum ahead in term 1:


In Numeracy term 1, students are focusing on Number and Place value. Students will also be focusing on using the four operations, including number sentences. Other topics cover this term will be Time and Mapping. During Numeracy lessons, students will be placed into activity groups based on their individual learning goals. These groups consist of Numeracy to myself involving independent Numeracy skills, Numeracy reading and writing based on articulation tasks, Numeracy with someone involving groups collaborating with one another.


This term in Reading we have been setting up our class libraries and our new house coloured book boxes. We have been setting our expectations for each of our new activities in reading and building our stamina when reading independently. Our mini lessons will be focusing on locating the Main Idea of a text and the supporting details relating to it, looking for the Author’s Purpose (Persuade, Inform or Entertain), and comparing and contrasting between two different texts.


This term in Writing we have begun developing ‘Writers Notebooks’ where we write down our ideas to develop them into our writing. During the first half of the term, we will be focusing on the structure of personal recounts. We have been focusing on including all the events in order. In the second half of the term we will be focusing on persuasive texts.


In Topic this term, students have learned about a range of concepts relating to the natural and human features of Australia. These include:

  • Exploring the natural and human features of Australia.
  • Investigate how Australia can be represented on a map as states and territories.
  • Exploring the oral traditions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples use to map landscapes.
  • Identify, describe and locate: rivers, mountains, deserts, rain forests, unique natural environment of the Great Barrier Reef and, the human features and landmarks of Australia.