Foundation Staff


FA: Breana Baird – Room 18

FB: Debra Ford - Room 17

FC: Erin Robinson - Room 15
FD: Karen Woodfine – Room 16


Educational Support Staff


Allanah Porter

Nikki Teusner



Foundation is the ‘foundation’ year for learning. In this year the students will learn how a school is organised and what behaviours are expected in a school setting. The students learn to become increasingly independent in managing their emotions. Academically, the students learn: the alphabet code, that word sentences and pictures hold meaning and that they can express their thoughts by drawing and writing. Maths concepts are based around number – counting then simple processes and applying this learning to time, space and location and visual representation. We participate in school wide programs such as Bucket Fillers, Math Masters and Specialist areas.


Please don’t hesitate to come see any of our Foundation teachers with queries and questions, we are all very happy to answer them.

In Semester 1, the Foundation students will be focusing on:



 Number and Algebra:

  • Counting to and from 20
  • Building collection of numbers to 20
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Subitise a small collection
  • One more and one less

 Days of the week

 Months of the year

 Data collection


 Location and directions



 Solving words using a variety of decoding strategies

  • Using pictures
  • Finger pointing
  • Cross checking
  • Comprehension
  • Recognising high frequency words
  • Recognising letter sounds

Author study of Mem Fox

In Semester 1 we are focusing on sentence structure in our writing.

  • Initial sounds
  • Magic line for unknown sounds
  • Finger spaces
  • Full stops
  • Capital letters
  • High frequency words
  • Correct direction of writing
  • Letter formations
  • Drawing a picture to match our writing.

Integrated Topic: 


The Integrated Topic in Term 1 focused on recognising our emotions and how to communicate with others whilst developing positive relationships with their peers.


In Term 2 we are focusing on how things have changed over time. 


Bucket Fillers:
This year our schoolwide Bucket Filler program will focus on G.E.M!
G = Gratitude
E = Empathy
M = Mindfulness


Specialist Timetable



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