Room 1 - 0JP Mrs Jo Peters,

Room 2 - 0KP Miss Kayla Papworth,

Room 3 - 0RW Mrs Rosemary Westwood,

Room 4 - 0CA Miss Caitlin Ashwood


Foundation is the ‘foundation’ year for learning. In this year the children will lean how a school is organised and what behaviours are expected in a school setting. The children learn to become increasingly independent in managing their emotions. Academically, the children learn: the alphabet code, that word sentences and pictures hold meaning and that they can express their thoughts by drawing and writing. Maths concepts are based around number – counting then simple processes and applying this learning to time, space and location and visual representation. We participate in school wide programs such as Bucket Fillers, Maths Masters and Specialist areas.


Term 3


Working both independently and in teams

Contributing to discussion and accepting others viewpoint

Understanding friendship groups and how they change


Recognising own emotions

Recognising triggers to emotions

Making good decisions in response to emotions


Reading – concepts of print: sentences, words, letter and sounds moving into reading more complex sentences

Handwriting   correct grip, position and formation of letters moving to smaller size and use of lines

Writing – drawing and then writing 2 -3 sentences with increasing accuracy as letter/sound knowledge are mastered

Sentence punctuation such as capital letter and full stop

Speaking and Listening - Expanding vocabulary and expressing themselves clearly and audibly as well as justifying choices

Maths – number counting to at least 20 and moving to 100, duration of time, orders of numbers


PE                    Mr Jarrod Jende                      

ICT                   Ms Fiona Astridge                                                         
Science             Mr Steve Crook                        
Art                    Mrs Nicole Jones   


Concepts around the following will be studied for Integrated Topic work titled


Essential Question: How does our body work?

Contributing Questions                                                  

  1. What makes up the body?
  2. How do we ensure body systems function effectively? .
  3. How do the systems work together to make us healthy?
  4. What can I do to have a healthy body?

Key Understandings

  • The body is made up of many systems working together.
  • Each system is unique and vital. (Focus on Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous, Skeletal)
  • Good choices ensure the body is kept healthy.

In term 3 the students will attend swimming lessons where along with swimming skills and safety, they will learn to become responsible for their belongings and increase their independence.


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