Senior School

Welcome to the 2020 Senior School page!

We are very excited to work with our students on achieving success in their final years of primary school.

The 2020 Senior School team consists of Emma Scott - 5ES, Samantha Lovgrove - 5SL, Luke Davy - 5LD, Sarah Nixon - 5/6N, Dean Scanlon - 6DS, Jenny Davies - 6JD and Olivia Hogan - 6OH. As well as our wonderful Education Support Staff: Nicole Eakins, Elke Harris and Nick Rennie.

Some of the fantastic programs the Senior School students will participate in this year include;

  • Electives
  • Sports Days
  • 1:1 iPad program
  • Interschool Sports
  • Brain Training/Bucket Fillers
  • Camp Coolamatong (Grade 6) and City Camp (Grade 5)
  • Battle of the Seniors Weekly Challenges
  • House Meetings

Our curriculum focus for this term:

In Reading we are focusing on setting up our routines for the Reading Block. We are looking at a range of comprehension strategies including finding the main idea and expanding our vocabulary by looking into word etymology.

In Writing we are revisiting and building on our understanding of the writing process, including incorporating the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing into each piece of writing that we do. We will also be analysing the language features and structure of Factual Recounts and Narratives, leading into creating our own.

In Maths, we will be spending the term focusing on Number and Place Value including investigations that will allow students to build on skills to use when working with the 4 operations. 

Throughout Topic this term we are looking at “Who am I?” with a specific focus on Health and Wellbeing. This topic will also include a session on puberty, run by an outside agency.

Please feel free to pop into our classrooms anytime!

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