Senior School



Welcome to the 2022 Senior School page!


Introducing the 2022 Senior Team:

Olivia Benis – 5A

Amanda Harrington – 5B

Kirren Whaiapu – 5C

Sarah Nixon – 6A

Tayla Sbisa & Jodie Taylor – 6C

Jessica Weller – 6D.

As well as our fabulous education support staff: Anna Pansow, Nicole Eakins, Kimberly Dohnt, Elke Harris, Jessica Veng, Gayle Batt, Josh Dow and Nick Rennie.


We are all so excited to work with our students to achieve success in their final years of primary school.


Some of the fantastic programs on offer to our senior students this year include:

  • Electives
  • Interschool Sports
  • 1:1 iPad program
  • Camp Coolamatong (Grade 6) & City Camp (Grade 5)
  • Weekly Battle of the Seniors Challenges
  • House Meetings


Our Curriculum for Term 2 2022:

This term in Reading we are continuing to focus on establishing our routines and expectations for the reading block. This includes finding good fit books, building our reading stamina and introducing a range of activities that improve fluency, accuracy and comprehension. We will also be focussing on the meanings of words and different variations of them and how they’re related.


In Writing this term we are continuing to develop our understanding of the writing process, including utilising the 6+1 Traits and analysing the structure and language features of a range of text genres, to improve the quality of our writing. The text types we are focussing on this term include imaginative narrative and an author study of Margaret Wild. We will be focussing on elaborating our writing and improving our vocabulary.


In Maths we are investigating a range of topics including Chance & Data, Shape/Geometric Reasoning, Money, and Patterns & Algebra. During our maths sessions, students will have multiple opportunities to explore concepts in engaging, hands on and collaborative lessons which focus on real-life scenarios.


Our focus for topic this term is Geography, specifically on observing and comparing and contrasting foreign cultures. During this unit, our students will learn about many different cultures of the world, especially ones found in our classrooms. / We will be looking at common foods, cultural clothing and customs. Students will investigate what culture means to them, how they’re similar and different, and how other cultures may have influenced the Australian culture. Students will have the opportunity to develop and investigate their own inquiry project on a culture of their choice.


The Grade 5 students areworking on NAPLAN strategies to prepare them for NAPLAN in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions and Maths.


The Grade 5/6 team is always available for a chat so please feel free to contact us at school anytime. Thank you.

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