Transition Program

At Pakenham Consolidated we value our extensive Pre-school to School Transition Program. 

Our Transition sessions are aimed to offer Pre-school students the opportunity to visit our school and experience some Foundation activities, to support their familiarisation with our school and staff.

Our Transition Sessions begin during Term 3 and continue during Term 4. 

We appreciate that parents know their child best.  Therefore, whether you bring your child to all of the sessions or just a few is up to you.  Some parents may decide not to bring their child until Term 4.  Your child’s pre-school teacher may also be someone to offer you advice about what is best for your child.  We do advise though that attending at least the final sessions in Term 4 is very important for a positive start to school.

We plan to visit all enrolled children at their Pre-school during Terms 3 or 4. 

We value the information and the support we receive from local pre-school teachers and look forward to receiving Transition statements from them near the end of the year to support the smooth transition of children from Preschool to Pakenham Consolidated School. 

The following is a link to the Department of Education's website relating to Tips For Starting School.

If you have any questions or wish to book in a school tour, please call the school on 59411511.

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