Grade 2

Grade 2 Staff

2JZ: James Zygmunt and Gayle Batt
2SM: Sarah Munday and Jess Donovan
2LR: Liam Rylance and Jayani Perera

2TS: Tayla Sbisa

In Term 3, the Grade 2 students will be focusing on:

 Fractions, Time and Money.

 Poetry and Procedures.

Oxford Words. Digraphs (e.g. ea, oa, ay, oi, ie, th, sh).

Topic: “How Our World Works”
 – We will be looking mainly at Physics. What materials are used in the real world? How and why do things move? What is energy and how can we use it?

Bucket Filler:
Students will be learning how to listen better and have better conversations.

In Reading and Writing this term, students have been exploring the purpose, structure and langauge of procedural texts. The Year 2 classes have followed the steps to create their own sock puppets. Students were highly engaged and very happy with their final products. 



In swimming this term the Year 2 students learned basic water safetly skills as well as furthering their swimming abilities. They had a great time during these sessions. It was fantastic to see their smiling faces. Well done to everyone involved!

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