Grade 2


Grade 2 Staff

2A: Paula Murnane – Room 28

2B: Taylah Rheinberger- Room 25

2C: Samantha Jones - Room 27
2D: Joshua Turner – Room 26


Educational Support Staff

2A: Amber Lucas

2C: Laura Russo

2D: Laura Russo



We are excited for a bigger and brighter year ahead with all of the Grade 2 students. Please don’t hesitate to come see any of our year 2 teachers with queries and questions, we are all very happy to answer them.

In Semester 1, the Grade 2 students will be focusing on:



 Number and Place Value:

  • Counting to and from 999
  • Number sequences and patterns
  • Read, write, model and order numbers up to 999








 Solving words using a variety of decoding strategies

  • Chunking into parts
  • Stretching the word
  • Blending sounds
  • Skip the word and come back
  • Flip the vowel sound



 Text connections

 Recount Writing – A retold past experience

 Persuasive Writing – An argument
 Narrative Writing – A made up fictional story

 Author study – Analysing Graeme Base’s writing style

Integrated Topic: 


Term 1 - “Who we are”
Students will explore the following questions:

  • Who is in my familey and what role do they play?
  • What is right and wrong to do in our community?
  • Who is in our local community that can help us?


Term 2 - “Change and Continuity”

Students will examine the change of technology, lifestyle and location overtime.

Bucket Fillers:

This year our schoolwide Bucket Filler program will focus on G.E.M!
G = Gratitude
E = Empathy
M = Mindfulness

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