Grade 2

Grade 2 Staff


2JA: Jacinta Abson - Room 28
2MG: Matt Grimshaw - Room 27
2KP: Kayla Papworth & Chantelle Raab (Education Support) – Room 26

2PM: Paula Murnane – Room 25


We are excited for a bigger and brighter year ahead with all of the Grade 2 students. Please don’t hesitate to come see any of our year 2 teachers with queries and questions, we are all very happy to answer them.

In Term 1, the Grade 2 students will be focusing on:

Number and Place Value:
 counting to and from 999
 number sequences and patterns
 read, write, model and order numbers up to 999



Solving words using a variety of decoding strategies
 chunking into parts
 stretching the word
 blending sounds
 skip the word and come back
 flip the vowel sound


 Recount Writing – A retold past experience
 Narrative Writing – A made up fictional story

Integrated Topic:
“Who are we?”
Students will explore the following questions:
 Who is in my family and what role do they have?
 Who is in our local community that can help us?
 What is right and wrong to do in our community?


Bucket Fillers:

This year our schoolwide Bucket Filler program will focus on G.E.M!
G = Gratitude
E = Empathy
M = Mindfulness


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