Principal's Message

Pakenham Consolidated School is committed to providing ’the best’ school experience for each and every child and high quality educational experiences are provided to all students. At Pakenham Consolidated School ‘Every Child Matters’ and programs are designed to cater for the variety of needs of our students.

We achieve outstanding success in those things societies like to measure: Literacy and Numeracy, whilst valuing a full school life that sets the same expectations when pursuing academic goals, pulling on a football jumper, dancing on a stage, learning lines for a play or heading off to camp. We believe in establishing sound foundations while lighting the fires for future growth. Strong traditions breed values of integrity, tolerance and persistence.

An innovative curriculum is offered from Foundation to grade 6 promoting curiosity and self-worth. We are fortunate with our well-kept grounds, exceptional facilities and staff of real commitment who, in building relationships of trust and intimacy, create the space for students to question, initiate and lead.

I am extremely proud of our school and particularly of the student’s families and staff who make up our Pakenham Consolidated School community.

Katrina Stewart   



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