Pakenham Consolidated School offers an extensive specialist program that we are very proud of. In 2021, Students in Foundation to Year 4 attend 3 one hour specialist classes a week including PE, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and STEM.

In Years 5 & 6 students participate in an Electives program which offers a whole range of subjects from each curriculum area in which they can choose from each term including fitness, cooking, dance, art, science and ICT.

Visual Arts Program – Mrs. Jones



Foundation students will develop their fine motor skills with cutting, pasting, drawing, painting and gluing. They will learn routines and procedures in the art room.


GRADE 1 &2

Students will learn about Australian artists and reproduce their works using paints, found objects, dye wash, crayons, tissue paper and pastels.


GRADE 3 & 4

Students will focus on the elements and principles in art, including symmetrical collage, cartoon illustrations, 3D perspective drawing and weaving with wool.





PCS has a proud history in the Performing Arts and has a dedicated performance space which includes a stage and lighting. Our students use the space to learn, perform and rehearse during weekly lessons and for events such as our bi-annual Whole School Performance, Victorian State School Spectacular and the senior electives program.


The Arts strands of the Victorian Curriculum Arts covered are dance, drama, music and Media Arts. Capabilities are also explored during the weekly lessons.  


2021 sees the return of our whole school performance with senior students auditioning and gaining lead roles. Our school community is working together behind the scenes to create backdrops, props, and costumes. Each student is given the opportunity to experience the thrill of live performances.



Health and Physical Education - Mr Jende and Miss Cammerino




Foundation students will learn to participate in team based games using fundamental motor skills and how to show good sportsmanship.


GRADE 1 &2

Students in Year 1 & 2 will be introduced to basic athletic sports such as sprints, shot put and hurdles in preparation for athletic carnival later in the term.


GRADE 3 & 4

Students will focus athletics events such as triple and long jump, shot put, discus and high jump in preparation for the athletics carnival later on in the term.



STEM - Ms Astridge


STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) education comprises the specific knowledge, understandings and skills in each of these learning areas as well as the interrelationship between each of them. This enables skills such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication.



This term we will be focusing on BIOLOGICAL Science and in the last week we will complete a project to encourage all aspects of the STEM to unite.


Teamwork is also a big focus on the STEM education and by working together in small groups we will be able to achieve our bigger projects.

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