Hi there everyone,


I am excited to to announce that we are starting our first Auslan Choir.  Students in grade 4-6 were offered a chance to volunteer to be involved in an Auslan Choir, and the response was amazing.  With so many students interested and limited places available I decided the fairest way was to draw names out of a hat.  We had our first practise last week, the Grade 6 students that were on camp will be told today if they are in the choir.  I apologise to those that missed out and I will try to organise (time permitting) another opportunity during semester two for these students.


The Auslan Choir is a free activity, and we will be involved in fun practices, assembly performances, and a performance in the School Production.  You do not need to be available to attend the School Production on one or both nights to be involved in the Choir, however students will be expected to attend the lunchtime rehersals regularly to keep their place in the choir.


I have loved hearing all about student holidays over the past two weeks, especially as they used fingerspelling while they shared!  Our Term 2 focus topics will be numbers, and School signs. 


click here to see Auslan Numbers 0-30 Display Posters - Victoria


Hello Pakenham Consolidated School Community,


As you would already be aware PSC believe in programs that build an inclusive environment, offering students an exceptional academic program whilst also providing opportunities to learn valuable life skills during their educational journey throughout their primary school years.


With this in mind, I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to join your school team as your child’s Auslan Teacher.  I am excited to officially introduce myself and share our Auslan journey with you through this new link on our school website.


During Term 1 our students began with gaining an understanding of “What is Auslan” and why it is important to learn sign language.  We are, and will continue to learn about Deaf Culture and through “hands on learning” using engaging activities we have been focusing on the Auslan Alphabet, gaining confidence with fingerspelling across grades 1-6.  Our Foundation students have been focusing on learning colours through song and game based activities as they settle into school life and new routines.


I am extremely proud of each and every student’s success so far!  Their excitement to learn, willingness to participate in group activities, and eagerness to actively join in during “Share Time” is assisting them to not only build their Auslan knowledge but also increase their overall confidence across many areas of our school curriculum.


Please feel free to join us as we build our skills in Auslan through this website link.  Ask and encourage your children to share and practice their skills with your family.  Together we can all learn new ways of communicating.


I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of your child’s learning experiences.


Mrs Green.    




Green, Tracey 


Click here to see the Auslan Alphabet signs to help you practice fingerspelling


Over the holidays it would be great to keep practicing your fingerspelling.  You could teach your friends and family how to fingerspell their names, and if you have time and you might like to do my holiday challenge to come back and share with the class when we return to school.


** Holiday Challenge


Practice fingerspelling something you have done over the holidays and when we come back to school we will have a holiday share time.  It will be great practice to see if we can decode what our friends are telling us about their holidays too!


Happy Easter to you all, enjoy your holidays and I can't wait to hear all about your holidays when we return,


Mrs Green 😊