The PCS Library is well stocked of great reading material.


Classes come to the library each week where they learn from their class teacher how to browse, borrow and return books, but most importantly how great books are to read.


We aim to cater for all tastes and reading levels.


The following table explains how borrowing works:


Number of books you can borrow

Where you can borrow from

The maximum length of time you can borrow for



  • Picture story books

Two weeks maximum

1 and 2


  • Picture story books

3 and 4


  • Picture Story books
  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction

5 and 6


  • Picture Story books
  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction


It is great that everyone can share the books but we need you to promptly return them so all can be enjoyed.



A good place to keep your library book is in your Book Bag so it does not get damaged.



Your child is responsible for their library book.



Overdue notices will be sent out at mid and end of term to remind you of overdue books.



Your child’s ability to borrow will be blocked until the return of books or payment of a nominal fee ($10).



Parents are welcome to browse and borrow form the library. Please come in and see me.






Over Term Three the library received new library shelving to assist in housing our expanding range of literature.



At the beginning of the 2017 year as Junior Fiction section was introduced to assist with the transition from Picture Story books to Fiction. This has been a well-used section of the library allowing children to choose ‘good fit books’.



In Term 4, children reading beyond Grade 6 level (as designated by assessment with teachers) will have access to the newly created Senior Fiction section of the library. The children have already been interviewed to discover their interests and novels have been purchased and catalogued. A letter will be sent home with these children alerting parents of novels, some of which have teenage themes.



The Library Monitors – 2 from each class – were presented with their badges last term. They do a great job returning books each day from their classroom to the library. They also help to respect the library as a shared space for learning by shelving books and tidying up after their class leaves. Meetings are held regularly to help the children with their role.


Mrs Rosemary Westwood