STEM plays an important role in the Victorian Curriculum and here at PCS we endeavour to comprehensively cover the six strands (areas) over a 2 year cycle. In 2021 the students are learning about the Biological and Chemical sciences. In 2022 all year levels will then learn about Earth, Space and Physical sciences. These four strands are the main areas and by using this cycle we give our students the best exposure to understand their learning.

  • Biological Sciences, the study of living things.
  • Chemical Sciences, the study of how different matter works.
  • Earth and Space Sciences, the study of the planets, their environments and the space between.
  • Physical Sciences, the study of different forces.

The last two strands are woven through all areas of study to give the students a perspective on what is being taught.

  • Science as a Human Endeavour
  • Science Inquiry Skills

During STEM lessons students plan and conduct experiments and investigate the possible outcomes. They also represent their findings in their journals in a meaningful way by using appropriate scientific vocabulary and graphics.