Grade 5

Grade 5

Staff Team

5MW - Room 5 – Marie Wigzell and Jess Donovan (ESO)

5SN- Room 6 – Sarah Nixon/ Sally Dawson and Darren Dainty (ESO)

5JK – Room 7 – Jane Knight and Lorraine Miles (Volunteer)

5JD – Room 8 – Jenny Davies and Nicole Eakins (ESO)


Term 3 2019

In reading and viewing:

Noticing aspects of the writers craft (eg: to entertain, inform, document history) Think critically about the text. *A range of texts including picture story books, class novels, informative texts, poetry, advertisements, fiction and non-fiction texts will be explored.

In writing:

Forms of Poetry (odes, anthems, songs) figurative language, complex sentence structures, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

In Numeracy:

Fractions and Decimals, Location and Transformation, Money and Financial Maths. PCS Maths Masters Program continues to scaffold Number skills.

Integrated Topic:

Investigating the values, principles and democratic systems of Government in Australia.


Year 5 programs

Electives, 1 Bucket Fillers, 1:1 iPad program, Interschool Sports, District Athletics, Hooptime, Book Week, Father’s Day events and our school house meetings.


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