Find us on Facebook!

Pakenham Consolidated School now have an Offical Facebook page. The page has been developed to allow our school and wider community to stay up to date with PCS information and activities in a manner that is becoming increasingly preferred by many people. We envisage it to be a place that positively reflects all the wonderful things that go on at our school.

Search ‘Pakenham Consolidated School’ and like the page with our school logo and front of school as cover photo.


Alternatively, click here to be taken straight to our Official Page. 


We hope that you will find our new form of communication to be beneficial and enjoyable.

Followers of the Pakenham Consolidated School Facebook page MUST ADHERE to the following guidelines:

1. Users who have ‘liked’ and in turn follow the Pakenham Consolidated School page cannot post directly onto our page but are able to comment on school posts or comments by other users. The page is monitored and moderat-ed AT ALL TIMES by PCS staff.

2. Pakenham Consolidated School does not endorse children under the age of 13 years of age (in accordance with Facebook Terms and Conditions), having their own Facebook page. We encourage students to view our page through their parents accounts under guidance and supervision.

3. Students will be referred to using their first name only AT ALL TIMES and no personal information will be shared through Facebook.

4. All followers of the Pakenham Consolidated Facebook page will do so with respect and responsibility and any contributions to the page will be in a positive and constructive manner. The school reserves the right to prohibit, block and report a user from interacting on the Facebook page if they breach this policy. We expect all users to set a good example for our students on how to behave in social media spaces.

5. Parents will advise the school if they request that their children’s photos are NOT to be posted on our school Face-book page.