Welcome Back to Term 4 2020

Please find the arrangements for returning to school here.

7th October 2020
Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to Term 4,
We really look forward to having all of our students back at school with us. We all have just this week left of remote learning before a return to everyone onsite on Monday 12th October. The teaching staff are definitely keen to farewell online learning and see our students back in their classrooms. We will be not be using the Seesaw program for the remainder of the year.
The school grounds will remain open only to students and staff of the school, therefore parents and visitors will not be allowed on the school grounds.

Other arrangements for Pakenham Consolidated School are:
All children will be admitted through their house gates from 8:45am until 9:10am. The gates will not be open before 8:45am and staff are not on duty until then. Anyone who needs to get their child to school before 8.45am can book into our OSHC service. Those with bikes or scooters will use the gate closest to the bike shed. In the morning parents will be encouraged to say goodbye in the car or at the school crossing.
The gates will have a 5 metre ‘no public standing’ zone around them where parents will not be allowed to stop. This will allow for traffic to flow more easily. Children will go straight to their classroom or the breakfast club, where they will use hand sanitiser on entry. Any child who is unwell during the day will need to be collected from school. Sick children must not attend school.
Parents who need to attend the school office will need to wear a properly fitted face mask, use hand sanitiser and observe social distancing rules. Face masks should not be removed at any time whilst on the school premises, including during conversations. Any person who remains in the foyer for more than 10 minutes will be required to record the date and time of their visit as well as their name and phone number in an office register.

The end of day arrangements will need to be strictly adhered to. We must ensure that there is social distancing enacted and that the gates are kept free flowing. Children who are not able to be picked up before 3:35pm will need to go to our OSHC service.

Students in year 3-6 will be dismissed at 3:15pm. Any student in these year levels who has a junior sibling will be able to quietly wait outside their room. Those who are leaving the grounds at this time, need to move swiftly to leave the school grounds. Children can use any exit gate. Parents waiting for students are asked to wait in their car or across the road where their children will be able to see them. Staff will supervise all students to use the crossing and no one will be allowed to cross the road without using the crossing. Parents waiting for junior students should not be near a gate or obstructing the exit of senior students.
The final bell will sound at 3:20pm and all remaining students will be dismissed. Again, students can use any exit gate and we encourage you to organise a meeting point away from the exit gates. We believe that most of the senior students will have left by then, allowing the junior students to safely leave the school grounds and meet their carers at a designated place away from the school gates. Parents must adhere to the rules of social distancing, leaving 1.5m between adults.

Please remember that there is a no parking zone near the front gate that is only for drop off and pick up. No one should be parking in this area and leaving their car. Senior parents could use this zone from 3:10pm and juniors after them.

We do not have any further information on extra curricula activities such as graduation, end of year class celebrations or our Christmas concert. As soon as we get more information, we will pass it on to you. We have been notified that we are unable to share food or any party favours.

We are back to a SunSmart term so everyone will need to wear their hats when they are outside. We are being encouraged to have more time in the outdoor areas so hats will be more important than ever before. We are not allowed to provide sunscreen but do allow children to use it if they have their own.

The school bubble taps are still not to be used. All children will need to bring in their own water bottle.

The canteen will only be open for counter sales at this stage from Monday 19th October. Recess will be counter sales of Zooper Doopers. More information will follow next week.

All devices that have been borrowed from the school will need to be returned on Monday 12th October. Please put the device securely into your child’s bag so it can get back to the classroom for use in our daily programs.

We are making plans for 2021 this term. If you know of anyone who has a child to enrol for 2021 please tell them to contact us as soon as they can. We would also like to know if anyone is moving away from PCS next year.

The things that we are sure of are that we are all excited to be back onsite and that there will be more changes as the year progresses. We will keep you informed along the way and welcome any questions you may have.

Kind regards,
Katrina Stewart