‘Me’ in a box

The ‘Me in a Box’ home-based task is designed for you to tell others about yourself in a unique way. It will help you to find out more about your class mates and gain confidence speaking in front of an audience too. You will need to collect four to six items from home that will help the rest of the class and your teacher get to know you better. These items are to be placed in a box (shoe box or any other box of your choice).

Things that you could include in your box:
 Photos from a vacation, birthday party or special occasion.
 Drawings or pictures of what you like to do, such as read, swim or play a sport.
 Hobby items
 Medals, trophies or awards.
 Anything else that you can think of that would tell us all about you!
 You can decorate your box if you wish.

Please bring your ‘Me in a box’ to school by Monday 17th February 2020 to share with your class.

Mr Scanlon, Miss Nixon, Mrs Scott, Mr Davy, Ms Lovegrove, Mrs Davies and Miss Hogan
Year Five & Six Teaching Team