Information about Year Two Integrated Topic: ‘Who am I?’ Unit

Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers,

RE: Information about Year Two Integrated Topic: ‘Who am I?’ Unit

The Topic for PCS this term will see students exploring ‘Who am I?’ In Year Two, there is a particular focus on personal milestones, future goals and family traditions and structures.

To begin the unit, students will learn about how they have changed since birth and consider what they will be able to do in the future. Students will be creating their very own timeline during class time by recording any important milestones in their life and consider what new skills they have learnt (Example: Learning to ride a bike).

The Year Two team would greatly appreciate it if you could assist your child in bringing along any photos of childhood milestones and/or special events (Example: First day of primary school).

Where students do not have photos available, they will be asked to simply draw a picture instead.

We will begin creating timelines with Year Two students as of Monday 10th February 2020 and appreciate any support from you in doing so.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,
Carla Felsenthal, Jacinta Abson, Jo Peters, Tayla Sbisa, Jodie Taylor & Sian Woodberry
Year Two Teaching Team