Grade 1

Grade 1 2017

It’s fun to be in Grade 1! 



Welcome back to the Grade One’s for Term 3! Wow how quickly the year has gone! We are excited for the fun things that lie ahead in Term 3! You can keep updated by reading the Year 1 Newsletter below.




This year we will be implementing a range of Literacy and Numeracy programs across our classrooms, including:


  • Maths Masters
  • Maths Groups
  • CAFÉ Reading
  • VCOP Writing
  • Single Word Spelling Program




Our whole school Topic this term is ‘Necessity’, with year 1’s focusing on ‘Raw to Ready’. Throughout this Topic the Grade 1’s will focus on developing their understanding of how and why resources are produced around the world, as they examine and make a range of foods. They will be considering who and what are involved in transporting products from their producers to our plates. Students will also begin to reflect on the difference between needing and wanting something, as they consider the basic needs of humans to survive and thrive. 




Some important dates this term include:


  • Swimming Program each Wednesday for eight week (beginning 19th of July)
  • House Meetings (BRING A TOY FOR FETE FUNDRAISER) Friday 4th of August
  • Maths Night Wednesday 9th of August
  • Science Week 13th – 18th of August
  • Book Week 20th – 25th of August
  • Father’s Day Stall Tuesday 20th of August





Kind regards,


The grade 1 team: Mrs Kadic (1ZK), Miss Sutcliffe (1KS), Miss Collins (1CC), Miss Albrecht (1EA) and Miss Abson (1JA)


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