At Pakenham Consolidated School we aim to encourage enjoyment and enthusiasm for the English language and how to develop responsibility, confidence and independence as language learners and users. We will enable children to be effective communicators by being efficient receivers of language through listening and reading and be efficient when expressing themselves through speaking and writing. Our programs make provision for children to communicate, investigate and express themselves through other key learning areas.


The English program at Pakenham Consolidated School is based on the Victorian Curriculum. Children will be working in ability or strategy based groups according to their area of need in reading and writing. The use of ICT (computers, Ipads, video, listening posts) will be used at all levels in the implementation of the program.


Reading will be delivered using the Daily 5 literacy model. The program develops better readers by encouraging independence through modelling good reading behaviours, continuous reflection and the teaching of the CAFÉ strategies. CAFÉ stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary. Students will learn the CAFÉ strategies through their shared text in their lesson introductions. These strategies are reinforced and differentiated in their teacher-directed focus groups. Students will practise these strategies while completing their Daily 5 activities. Reading goals will be based on CAFÉ strategies and recorded in student diaries so that parents can reinforce these strategies at home.


We believe that students need to write often to become better writers. They will learn the process of writing: planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing and will be modelled and explicitly taught various text types across the whole school. Students will learn spelling at their own ability through the ‘Single Word Spelling Test’.