Specialists Term 3


Pakenham Consolidated School offers an extensive specialist program that we are very proud of. In 2017, Students in Foundation to Year 4 attend 4, 1 hour specialist classes a week including PE, Performing Arts, ICT, Science and Visual Arts. 


In Years 5 & 6 students participate in an Electives program which offers a whole range of subjects from each curriculum area in which they can choose from each term including fitness, cooking, dance, art, science and ICT. 


What's happening in Specialists this year?



ICT:  Miss Fiona Astridge and Mrs Nicole Jones  



After an eventful Term 2 with a water problem in the ICT lab, we have all been very flexible and using the iPads to learn about coding.  This term we will continue exploring coding but will hopefully get to make the transition back to the desktops to work on our Powerpoints, data transfer and online coding clubs.

The Foundation students will be exploring coding through The Foo's app and developing their skills on the desktop computers.

Grade 1 and 2 students will begin creating their own simple apps and using the desktop computers to continue working on the skills they current have.

The Grade 3 and 4 students will be exploring more in depth coding using coding clubs and app developer cards.  They will also be learning communication skills and file transfer.


Visual Arts:  Mrs Nicole Jones


Grade three and four students will focus on different   artists and their styles and techniques.  They will experiment with different media, art elements & principles of design and art vocabulary. Students will look at different ways of presenting including painting, drawing, sewing, collage and construction.

PE:  Mrs Stacie Gardiner and Mrs Sian Woodberry


During Term Three the Foundation grades and Grade One students will be introduced to the basic fundamental skills involved in team games such as soccer and basketball, as well as  learn about relay races and how to cooperate with a team.




During Term Three the Grade Two students will be introduced to the  fundamental skills involved in team games such as soccer, basketball, and AFL football,  as well as  how to cooperate with a team and follow the rules of the games.  




During Term Three the Grade Three and Four students will be introduced to the more complex fundamental skills involved in team games such as Newcomb, badminton, and AFL football. Students will also learn how to apply basic skills and scoring systems and demonstrate fair play.






All the grades from Foundation to Grade Four will also perform basic movement and body awareness through our gymnastics unit. The students will learn skills using the trampoline and floor mat exercises such as log rolls, v sits, handstands and cartwheels. They will also learn the correct technique to use when jumping over the vault, different landing, and the balance beam.


Science:  Miss Carla Coutts


Grade Foundation and One students will be beginning their topic on Biological Sciences. Students will look at the needs of themselves and animals that they need in order to stay alive. Students will then look at life cycles of animals and plants.


Grade Two students will be beginning their topic on Chemical Sciences. Students will be looking at what objects around them are made of and their purpose (i.e. Rubber is best to make gumboots not paper)

Performing Arts: Ms Moyra Taylor and Mrs Sarah Munday

Foundation: Students in Foundation are working on their understanding of fast and slow music through listening, singing, moving and playing. They will also explore high and low sounds through movement


Grade One: Students in Grade One shall explore descending and ascending melodic patterns and they will experience sounds getting louder and softer and respond through chanting and playing instruments.


Grade Two: Students in Grade Two will explore different ways of playing instruments and create sound symbols. They will gain an understanding of a graphic score and respond to changes in tempo through movement and playing instruments.


Grade Three: Students in Grade Three shall be involved in group activities and perform a song playing a recorder and percussion instruments for an audience. They will explore drama through playing games and Readers Theatre activities.

Grade Four:  Students in Grade Four will continue to work on learning and identify the string names of A, E, C and G on the Ukulele by playing short songs. They will explore Theatre Sport games and practice and present short plays to an audience.






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