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Welcome to Term 3!! 

From the Grade 4 team would like to say that we hope everyone had safe and fun holidays.

We are all getting back into school life very well and quickly with routine, which is a positive.

 In Term 3 we are focusing on NECESSITYfor the Year 4's our basis is working on ‘Money Makes the World go Round’ allowing students to explore how we revolve around money, how money is different all over the world, and the differences between 'Needs vs Wants'. These are the basics of this topic, but look into our Newsletter fortnightly to see how we have learnt about it. 


During the year we have a lot to look forward to, although for this term here is an overview of what will be included in our students’ school life:

  • DAILY 5- Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work and Work on Writing
  • Ability based Math Groups
  • F-4 Swimming days 
  • Math Masters, Practise makes perfect and Testing to higher levels
  • Topic Time: NECESSITY
  • Library Sessions
  • Bucket Fillers
  • Fantastic Four Time
  • Buddy Time- allocated every second Thursday
  • Spelling Words/Tests
  • House Meetings
  • STARS OF THE WEEK, Bucket Filler Award and Positive phone calls home
  • Breakfast Club
  • Specialist Programs: Health and Physical Education, Visual Arts Performing Arts and ICT
  • Areobics State Championships 
  • Science Week
  • Maths Night

Reminder: We have an open classroom policy and always welcome parents/carers for any means necessary.




For the Newsletters this year we are reframing from sending the year level Newsletter out in email and it will be linked to this page. Each fortnight there will be a new Newsletter uploaded.


From all of us in the Year 4 team, we are excited for a fantastic term ahead.


Kind regards,

The Year 4 Team (Fantastic Fours)