About our school

Pakenham Consolidated School’s mission is to create a learning and pastoral environment which provides educational and social programs designed to develop and enhance the academic, physical, artistic and emotional skills of all students so they can be competent, multi-talented and responsible family members, employees and citizens.

Life and relationships at Pakenham Consolidated School can be characterised by:

  • Respect
  • Getting Along
  • Confidence
  • Persistance
  • Building Resilience

The Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education and Information and Communication Technology are specialist teaching areas. The school takes great pride in its strong specialist programs and the excellent facilities and learning opportunities offered to students through these programs. There are opportunities within each for children to pursue their particular passion and in this way the school caters for the development of their talents. Opportunities are also offered for all those interested in music, with the school providing access to a range of instrumental tutors, a school choir and dance through various dance groups. The Physical Education Program provides for the development of a broad range of motor skills with PMP in the Prep years through to interschool sport in the senior levels. There are opportunities at both a team and individual level for children to excel. A swimming and water safety program operates for all year levels. The overall aim is to provide opportunities for all children to experience and learn new skills through these specialist areas, but to also be able to develop areas of expertise.

The school aims to have at least one whole school celebration per term as a means of providing more structured opportunities for parents to visit the school and celebrate their children’s educational achievements. The long term goal is to promote the partnership between parents, children and the school, knowing the positive impact this can have on children’s achievement levels.


The Pakenham Proposal consists of three innovations:

  • The development of the curricula and the teaching practices at each school based around the principles and practices of the Thinking Curriculum’.
  • The development and delivery of programs and practices that will develop students’ social competencies and increase student connectedness to school, teachers and each other.
  • The development and delivery of programs and practices that will lead to creating Boy Friendly Schools.